Model PV(Dust Collector Valve)

2/2 Way Pulse Jet ,Diaphragm Operated Solenoid Valves.

Model :- PV

Pulse Valve Operation:-

CRUZEX Pulse Valve are Operated by integral Solenoid Pilot Operator. When the valves is energised, the trapped air above pulse valve diaphragm is quickyly exhausted causing fast opening of main diaphragm valve. When the pilot perated is de-energised, air escapes through bleed hole of main pulse valve to balance the diaphragm pressure and instantly close the valve.

Duty cycle :-

The relative duty time cycle for ac voltage is 20 % and for Dc Voltage is 10 %. This implies energised time is maximum 1/5th of de-energised time for AC and 1/10th for DC Voltage.

Installation  :-

Mounting in any position to avoid scale and condensed water valve body for trouble free performance. Standard connection of BSP are Provided.

Installation : 

Mounting in any position will not affect pulse valve operation. However good engineering practice is to avoid scale and condensed water entering valve body for trouble free performance . Standard end connections of BSP are provided.

Technical Specification:-

Model No

Body material

Pipe ( inch)

Orifice( MM )

Minimum Operating Pressure kg/cm2

Maximum Operating Pressure kg/cm2

Seal & Diaphragm Material

Flow Factor Kv m3/hr

PV – 25

Aluminium Pressure Die Cast


28 MM



Poly Urethane


PV – 40

Aluminium Pressure Die Cast


52 MM



Poly Urethane